1. Annual residents must have a current lease agreement on file.

2. Short term or seasonal rules apply to all annual residents.

3. All Park Models, Mobile Homes, and/or Manufactured Homes must meet all National, State, County, Municipality, City and Local code requirements.

4. It is the responsibility of the resident to acquire all permits required by the above referenced agencies.

5. All Park Models, Mobile Homes, and/or Manufactured Homes must be skirted within 90 days of move in.

6. WRITTEN management approval is required PRIOR to any amendment of park property by a resident.

7. Management reserves the right to make amendments to any and all units in the park.

8. The Sale(s) of ANY unit conducted in the park must have prior written consent of Management.

9. Park management may request the removal of a unit from the park due to age, disrepair or storm damage.

10. Parking of secondary vehicles on one’s site is prohibited unless space allows. Management approval must be received beforehand. Fire and building code(s) may apply.

11. Anyone you pay to perform services or supply goods on the premises MUST HAVE PROOF OF COMPREHENSIVE LIABILITY INSURANCE on file in the office. Alternatively, acceptance of responsibility and liability forms are available. Both the service provider and the resident must sign these.


If any of the above rules are determined to be invalid all other rules will still remain in effect. Violation of these rules or those in the lease agreement can lead to the termination of tenancy.