about us


One could say that our love of RVs was not bred, but born. We spent summer vacations on the road, our parents towing us from state to state via the most economical option. It took us until later to appreciate the joys of traveling by RV; both the reverence for Mother Nature that comes after hours of staring out the window driving through the sparse New Mexico dessert, and the inevitable mishaps; flat tires and all.

These days we’re full-blow enthusiasts and not afraid to tell anyone we meet about the joys of the RV life. It’s become somewhat of a lost art, and we think its rebirth has the potential to improve the lives of many who have lost touch with the beauty of a slower way of life, and of travel. We’re happy to champion the humble RV, and it is our pleasure to provide a beautiful camp for other RV travelers. At our park you can find a community; a gathering place for adventurers, nature-lovers, and RV fans in an idyllic setting. Wherever you go after you leave us, we hope you’ll share stories of your time with us, and help us in our quest to introduce others to the beauty of the RV life.